Thursday, January 17


I blogged once in 2012. Shootdangcrap.
I'm gonna be better.

Enjoy this Cat Wang photo of Alison, her plastic baby and me.

Sunday, March 11

Saturday Morning

Got more than expected.
Wanted to eat them all then and there.
Those mini peppers are quite delicious by themselves.

Sunday, October 23


i love dramatic eyebrows. 

alison says i look like frida kahlo when i darken them though.
dang it.

Saturday, June 4

BBQ with my new parents.

today, mom and dad went to idaho for some golfing and dining with old family friends the mechams. so erin and sam decided to take care of alison and i for the day. we had a barbeque at one of our favorites parks. we also played croquet.

my birthday was a while ago.

I'm 19 now. This last year has been different from what I expected. I wish someone had told me that being an adult was hard. Although it's been challenging, I have learned so much about myself and the person I want to become. I'm looking forward to what this next year will bring!

Thursday, May 26

dance parties are my favorite.

this dance party happened at my cousin's wedding a little bit ago. it was a goodie.

Monday, April 18


this is how i'm coping with the last few weeks of school. cake is way better than school work anyway.