Monday, April 18


this is how i'm coping with the last few weeks of school. cake is way better than school work anyway. 


mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

yes. I've also been coping with life in a similar fashion. (although I'm not that stressed.)

Where are the Robin's Awards pictures?

Diane said...

I like your blog changes.

byufish said... blog!! And....I have found that cake is the ONLY way to get through stress....unfortunately I have no time to bake one....AND....the only store-bought cake I like is an hour away. So I have to DEAL with the stress. Good luck with are a CHAMP!!! Way to survive the first's ALWAYS the worst! PS--don't you LOVE long comments...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!